Saturday, 30 July 2011

Enjoying the Japanese Tokyo Disney Resort Site: Part 1: Exploring the park through photos!

Hello Disney Girls and Boys!

Today is the start of what I hope to be quite a useful topic on my blog - How to get the most out of the Tokyo Disney Resort website if you don't understand the language! Today's post is very simple, it's more to bring to your attention a really awesome section of the site that not many people will have seen. It's one of my favourite parts of the site as it is constantly updated, and when I'm back here in rainy England, it makes me feel all warm inside and happy.

So, today's post is the first of much more to come, a guide to exploring the park via some lovely, adorable, and just plain awesome photos!

Please read on for more information!!
Disclaimer: All of the content in this post came from the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Site. I do not make any claim to owning these, this is merely a guide on how to enjoy the site if you aren't fluent in Japanese.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Pixie Hollow: My characters.

Hi Disney boys and girls,

I thought today I'd talk a bit about my latest Disney obsession - the Pixie Hollow online game! I know, I know. Many of you, especially those of you from the USA, will have possibly been playing this game since 2008.. Well, I've recently discovered it. I play the USA version despite being a Brit! We have a Pixie Hollow for the UK, too.. but it's more like the old "Pixie Pages" from the old It's nowhere near as good!

So, after a few days of playing, I couldn't resist any longer; I simply had to have a membership account! So out came the good ole' credit card and in a few minutes I was enjoying all the fab benefits of membership. It seems, sadly, without having a membership you are very limited to what you can do. (Like you can't take part in the Sports Camp which is so much fun! Nor can you dye your hair, buy new clothes, etc etc) I thought, seeing as I was nearly done with University, that I'd treat myself. It was around 55$ for a year. Not too bad! There are so many events, it's so busy and filled with lots of things to do! It's a very friendly, action-packed site where I can gurantee you'll never be bored!

I'll just quickly talk about my three girls and then maybe, if you want to check the site out, or if you've already joined, perhaps we can discuss the game sometime! Also, if you want to add me as a friend and stuff, go ahead!

Ruby Neverheart: Animal Talent:

Ruby is my first fairy and I've made the most progress with her. She's got a very nice house, which is why the background, compared with other two, is a lot busier. She's currently level 14 I believe and has completed most of the quests.

She's a very girly animal talent, unlike Fawn!

I've enjoyed changing her hair so many times, but I think this latest hair is very 1940's-esque and suits my Ruby somehow. I kinda wish she had a different last name, as this was my first fairy and I hadn't decided on naming them with last names that relate to their talent. Oh well. Wish they had a "re-naming" option, lol.

Ivy Oakheart - Garden Talent:
Ivy is a Garden talent, and, like Ruby, she is nothing like her famous fairy counterpart; Rosetta! In fact, I often feel that Ruby and Ivy were swapped at birth as they both seem like the other fairies talent. Ivy is very tomboy and down to earth. She doesn't care too much about fashion and tailoring. She actually prefers wearing her sports camp tracksuit, but I made her wear the only "cute" thing she owns!!

She's at level 6 right now, but I'm probably going to concentrate on levelling her up a bit this week and I'll see how it goes.

Emma Frostheart - Water Talent:
Emma is my most recent fairy and I've not really played with her too much. She's actually a bit of a snob. I based her, albeit loosely, upon Emma Frost.. so as you can imagine, she's not quite as easy to approach as the other two!

Again, she's actually pretty different from Silvermist!

She loves all things blue - and the ocasional white and purple. I think she's going to stay blonde - she's the only one who I haven't dyed the hair of more than once! I quite like her curly blonde hair. Think she can keep it for now!

So that was my fairies! Please comment with your fairies!