Friday, 16 September 2011

TOKYO DISNEY SEA'S 10TH ANNIVERSARY "BE MAGICAL" - Let's take a look at the Official site!

Hi Disney Guys and Gals!
A new kind of magic has begun!

I'm continuing my previous post about TDS' 10th Anniversary "Be Magical" that has been going on since April 28th 2011. However, the 4th of September was TDS' official birthday and the park is now celebrating ten magical years with a brand new concept, "Be Magical!"

In my previous post, I discussed briefly what the event entails but I mainly provided links to other blogs and sites that covered the event. Today I am going to take a look at the official site for the event and discuss some of the features that will be a big part of "Be Magical!"

If you wish to visit the official site, HERE is the link!

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Hi Disney Guys and Gals!

Welcome to the belated next installment of my TDR A to Z meme! This time we're looking at the letter B! Please click on "Read more" below for the rest of the  post!


Hi Disney Guys and Gals!
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Thursday, 15 September 2011


Hi Disney Guys and Gals!

I'm ridiculously slow at updating lately. I've just graduated from University and now I'm working full time so I haven't really gotten used to it properly just yet. I'm also looking at teaching positions in Japan and Hong Kong, so fingers crossed, eh?

I'm still trying to balance work and pleasure but it seems, for the moment, that work will be winning!Nonetheless, I'm going to talk a little about TDS's 10th Anniversary Event "Be Magical" and provide a few links to interesting sites and blog coverage.
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Tokyo Disney Sea's 10th Anniversary "Be Magical" started just over a week or so ago, on the 4th of September. Technically, the event kicked off back in April with the opening of "Fantasmic" but I like to think of it as being September 4th as this was the date TDS opened back in 2001. The event looks to be pretty amazing, with all the usual TDR touches; new shows, new merchandise, new food etc. The event will span all the way until March 2012, too! So if you're planning a trip to Tokyo in the near future, please consider a visit to TDS to check the event out!

I've been looking at the official site for info on the event, but sadly they are yet to put up any info about the event in English. It saddens me quite because people who don't speak Japanese won't be able to find out about all the fab things the resort has to offer! But, luckily, there are some fabulous blogs on the web to go to in order to find out what is happening at TDS this year!

Disneyandmore have written a bit about the event and have provided some interesting videos.
Laughingplace have written about the event and have detailed the schedule for the coming year.
DreamSweetsLove of Sharemickey has written a report about the event and shared some photos. UPDATE: She has also recently posted some awesome videos and talked a bit about what the event's show entails!

Sadly, I'm no longer in the position to be able to experience the wonderful yearly events of TDR in person. However, DreamSweetsLove, a young American Disney Gal, is living the dream and her mini-blog is packed with cute videos and photos of TDR and life in the surrounding area.

Please check out her blog ->

I shall aim to write more about the event and explore some of the news on the TDR official site asap! :) Until then, please check out the above links and enjoy!!