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TOKYO DISNEY SEA'S 10TH ANNIVERSARY "BE MAGICAL" - Let's take a look at the Official site!

Hi Disney Guys and Gals!
A new kind of magic has begun!

I'm continuing my previous post about TDS' 10th Anniversary "Be Magical" that has been going on since April 28th 2011. However, the 4th of September was TDS' official birthday and the park is now celebrating ten magical years with a brand new concept, "Be Magical!"

In my previous post, I discussed briefly what the event entails but I mainly provided links to other blogs and sites that covered the event. Today I am going to take a look at the official site for the event and discuss some of the features that will be a big part of "Be Magical!"

If you wish to visit the official site, HERE is the link!

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Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the images featured in this post, they all belong to Tokyo Disney Resort's Official Site! The translations, however, DO belong to me, so no stealing or using without permission!!! Thank you!!
Official site for the event:

I'm going to translate each of the "points" to do with the event that are discussed on the official site. Please excuse the translations, they were a little rushed due to work commitments, but I think they still give a good picture of what the event entails.

Translated below
Point 1 - 10th Anniversary event "Be Magical!"

Wearing a Magic hat that is imbued with mysterious powers, Mickey Mouse has become the Sorcerer's Apprentice! With help from his close pals, Mickey will awaken the dormant magic within Tokyo Disney Sea's 10th Anniversary!

By doing so, mysterious hats have magically appeared inside each of Tokyo Disney Sea's 7 ports!

Guests visiting the park will also wield the magic as they are invited to visit a magical sea that has been transformed from the everyday world into a place filled with Disney Fantasy!
In every direction guests turn, they will be faced with experiences filled to the brim with magic and fantasy.

Along with your favourite Disney pals, you will experience a day filled with heart warming moments.
Let's fly away to the land of dreams and magic, to a sea filled with Disney Magic!

Fantasmic! started showing on the 28th April 2011.
Point 2 - Night time Spectacular, "Fantasmic!":

On the 28th April, the magnificent night time spectacular "Fantasmic" show began in Meditteranean Harbor.

Disguised as a sorcerer's apprentice, Mickey Mouse uses exciting illusions to bring a world of imagination to everyone.
"Be Magical" and "A table is waiting" two new awesome shows at TDS!
Point 3 - New Show Programme Introduced - "Be Magical" and "A table is waiting"

From the 4th of September 2011, the greeting show that allows Guest participation, "Be Magical!" began. Whilst greeting guests and celebrating the 10th anniversary, Mickey and his pals open up their hearts with  magnificence song and dance.

In addition, after finishing an around the world tour, Mickey has brought back souvenirs from each country in order to share the fun with guests in a revue in the show "A table is waiting" which began on the 28th of April 2011.

Three new attractions are introduced to TDS!
Point 4 - Three brand new attractions opened!

During Tokyo Disney Sea's 10th Anniversary Year, three new attractions are to be introduced into the park.

On the 28th of April a new character greeting location called "Mickey and Friends' Greeting Trail" opened.
On the 8th of July, a Duffy meet and greet location also opened called "Village Greeting Place".

Finally, on the 18th of July, an attraction that allows you to be like Aladdin and Jasmine and soar across the sky in a magic carpet opened called "Jasmine's Flying Carpets" opened.
"I can become a sorcerer too?"
Point 5 - Special Event goods and menu.

For the first time ever in the park, a new special piece of merchandise has been introduced called the "Magic Wand". With this wand in hand, you can visit six different "monuments" within the park and the wand will light up and play sounds in reaction!

In addition, a new special menu has also been introduced. At "Cafe Port Fino" has been transformed into the "Be Magical! Cafe" where you can enjoy exclusive 10th anniversary food from a special menu.
The website will also feature some celebratory features.
Point 6 - Celebrating on the website!

In celebration of Tokyo Disney Sea's 10th Anniversary, TDS are planning several different projects for the website. For example, you can look over the past ten years of TDS events and also be introduced to new appealing contents of TDS. Please enjoy these new features!

* The proposed 10th anniversary "Let's use some Delicious Magic" "Choose your own popcorn" campaign has been cancelled.
Point 7 - Tokyo Disney Sea's Hotel Miracosta is also celebrating it's 10th Anniversary!

In addition to the opening of Tokyo Disney Sea, the Disney Official Hotel "Tokyo Disney Sea Hotel Miracosta" is also celebrating it's anniversary. There are many special programmes planned.

Such as "Going to sleep in the park and waking up in the park hotel." Please enjoy Tokyo Disney Sea Hotel Miracosta as much as possible.

The Seven Sorcerer's Ambassadors:

Sounds pretty neat, huh? I'd like to take a look at the characters and the Magic hats that have appeared in each of TDS' seven themed-ports. Each of these magic hats are associated with a character. The seven main characters involved in the event are;

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Chip and Dale, Ariel and Genie.

Starting with Mickey Mouse, 7 Disney characters have been transformed into Sorcerer's mbassadors for the 10th anniversary. By spreading to each of the seven themed ports, the magic of the 10th anniversary event has awakened.

In doing so, each of the themed ports have an ambassador who has used their magical powers to bring forth a magic hat shaped monument.

Here are the character bios and the location/description of their Magical Hat..

First up, we have Mickey Mouse...
Character: Mickey Mouse.
Hat location: Plaza.
Hat description: By Disney Sea's Aquasphere, the magic has caused an 8 metre high Magic Hat to appear. This hat empowers the other ports' hats and their ambassadors.
Character: Minnie Mouse
Hat location: American Waterfront
Hat description: This pink magic hat is located inside New York's Water Fountain. It has characteristic ribbons and hearts on it.
DreamSweetsLove has posted some photos of Minnie's Hat HERE!
Character: Donald Duck.
Hat Location: Lost River Delta.
Hat description: This magic hat calls upon the power of ancient times. It evokes a sense of ancient ruins and is covered with ivy.
DreamSweetsLove has posted some photos of Donald's Hat HERE!
Characters: Chip and Dale.
Hat Location: Port of Discovery.
Hat description: This pair of magic hats are on a pedestal that has been designed to look like a helixical, swirling storm. To suit Chip and Dale's size, their hats has been downsized a little.
DreamSweetsLove has posted some photos of Chip and Dale's Hat HERE!
Character: Goofy
Hat location: Mysterious Island
Hat Description: This magic hat has been designed to look like a nuclear fushion of natural minerals and scientific exploration.  Crystals are dotted here and there.
DreamSweetsLove has posted some awesome photos of the Magic Hats. Here is Goofy's!
Character: Ariel
Hat Location: Mermaid Lagoon.
Hat description: This hat is designed to look like King Triton's Castle. With pretty corals and starfish attached, this hat has a very girly design.
Character: Genie
Hat Location: Arabian Coast.
Hat Description: This hat has Genie's good friend, the Magic Carpet, wrapped around it.
DreamSweetsLove has also posted some photos of Ariel and Genie's hats HERE!

Well that's about all for today! Phew, what a long post, eh? Thanks for reading if you've got this far!! Next time, I'm going to talk about the special food and merchandise the event is offering and will also look into the different shows, attractions and events in more detail. Until then, enjoy!

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