What is Kawaii?

So, I thought I'd talk a bit about what "kawaii" means to me. But first here's a little Japanese lesson..
Daisy and Minnie exclaiming "Adorable, isn't it!"
The word 可愛い/カワイイ "kawaii" is, evidently, Japanese. It's most common and basic of translations are "cute", "adorable" etc. However, there is, as I have researched a slight nuance of something else..hidden there. It is safe to say that, in Japan, Kawaii encompasses everything perfect and ideal in the world. In addition to this, and more in relation to my version of the word, Kawaii is not only cute, but it is also often used to describe something that evokes a sense of childhood nostalgia.

This is the kind of "Kawaii" that I wish to explore in my blog. Those Kawaii aspects of Disney that we, as youngsters, loved and adored. I want to evoke a sense of days gone by. A determination to stay forever young, to elope off to Neverland with Peter Pan and become a Lost Boy.. or, of course, Girl.

Basically, this is what I mean by Kawaii Disney. The movies, the characters and the music we all grew up loving. I want to discuss how I, not only cherish these memories, but how I essentially reinvent them into everyday life as an adult woman.

That is the purpose of this blog. And I hope, perhaps instantly, you'll be able to grasp my meaning of "Kawaii Disney" and enjoy it with me.

For more information on Kawaii, the wiki is very interesting. Also, "Cuties in Japan" by Sharon Kinsella is also a good if you want more in-depth info.