Saturday, 14 January 2012

Gettin' in the mood for a trip to Disneyland Paris~ FILMS/CARTOONS TO WATCH BEFORE YOU GO

Hi Disney Guys and Gals!

When my partner and I are going for a holiday to Disneyland Paris, we often watch Disney/Pixar movies or cartoons to get ourselves in the mood for our holiday. We usually start watching a movie/cartoon each day during the few weeks before the trip. We're doing it again this year and I thought I'd write down our list of movies/cartoons.

Some of the movies we're watching aren't strictly related to DLP, so I'll skip those out. The following movies/cartoons are those that are related to DLP somehow. I'll explain why I chose them, too.

  1. Sleeping Beauty - This one should be pretty obvious! The wonderful Castle at DLP is Sleeping Beauty's Castle, after all! 
  2. "Let's go to Disneyland Paris!" Sing along Songs - It's actually set in DLP and I remember watching this religiously before each trip as a child since it first came out. 
  3. Alice in Wonderland - Two attractions are based on this movie; Alice's Curious Labyrinth and Mad Hatter's Tea Cups. If you've seen the movie, walking around the Labyrinth can be made ten times more awesome!
  4. Peter Pan - Again, watch Peter Pan to get in mood for Peter Pan's Flight because it's made of awesome! In addition, Adventureland has hints from the movie scattered all around.
  5. Aladdin - Continuing with Adventureland - The main area of the land has a distinctly Arabian feel and La Passage Enchante d'Aladdin is an amusing walk-through attraction. In addition, there's the Flying Carpets over Agrabah attraction in the Studios, too!
  6. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves - Yep, the slightly macabre Blanche Neige et les Sept Nains ride is something that can't be missed! Plus, the ride doesn't really give much of an insight into the movie so watching it makes the ride much more enjoyable!
  7. Pinocchio - Le Voyages de Pinocchio is another super scary ride for kids - watching the movie will help flesh out the details!
  8. Beauty and the Beast - Set in France, this movie really gets you in the mood for a French holiday! And, if you're visiting over the Christmas period, Belle's Christmas Village is always a lovely place to visit!
  9. The Sword in the Stone - Watch the movie and then try to pull Excalibur out of the stone in front of the Fantasyland side of the castle!
  10. Toy Story 1-3 - This is a definite must see before DLP trips! There's Buzz Lightyear's Laser Blast and Woody's Roundup Village in Disneyland and there's the awesome Toy Story Playland at the Studios! 
  11. Finding Nemo - There's the awesome Crush's Coaster in the Studios that make watching the movie a must!
  12. The Haunted Mansion - Despite not actually being the exact same story/ride as DLP's Phantom Manor there are many elements that are similar to PM, making this movie well worth watching before DLP.
  13. 20,0000 Leagues Under the Sea - Granted, it's an uber old live action movie that is impossible to find a copy of, the movie is awesome and it makes exploring the Nautilus in Discoveryland so much more fun!
  14. Tower of Terror - A quite obscure made-for-tv-movie that I've only seen once, but it's based on the story behind Studio's The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and, if you can find it, it's most definitely worth watching!
  15. Armageddon - Makes the Armageddon: Les Effets Speciaux a little more interesting!

Did I miss anything? If you can think of any others, please comment!

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