Friday, 13 January 2012

Top Ten Things I like to do when visiting a Disney Park..

Hi Disney Guys and Gals!

I thought I'd think of topics I could talk about that are related to my personal experiences with Disney. Feel free to snag the idea and write about your Top Ten! Please leave a comment with a link so I can read yours, if you do!

My Top Ten Things I like to do when visiting a Disney Park:

  1. Ride my favourite ride/s over and over.
  2. Wear my favourite Disney t-shirts, coats, hoodies, ears, bags etc.
  3. Take lots of photos.
  4. Eat at a different location each day/night.
  5. Carry my favourite plushie (either Shellie May or Pluto)
  6. Find Pluto and other characters for photos and autographs.
  7. Look at, and buy lots of, special park merchandise.
  8. Try something in the park that I've never experienced before.
  9. Send adorable postcards to friends and family.
  10. Buy pins of Pluto.

And, some things I like to do in certain parks:

At Disneyland Paris:

  1. Have a "picnic" in the Videopolis Theatre and watch old Mickey cartoons.
  2. Watch "Animagique" and nom on food without getting caught.
  3. Meet Pluto or Mickey in the morning at the hotel and have a photo/autograph.
  4. Escape into "POTC" when it's cold and enjoy the smell of chlorine.
  5. Visit "Disney Village" in the evening and browse the shops/eat.
  6. Have an "eat in the hotel room" night where we buy food from the garage at "Santa Fe" and stay in to watch the Disney channel.
  7. Explore "Adventureland" to the max and get lost in the caves.
  8. Buy a lollipop and walk around the Castle.
  9. Watching the parade in the afternoon.
  10. Eating ice cream from the the Gibson Girl Ice cream Parlour.
At Tokyo Disney Resort:
  2. Eat Churros and Milk Tea Popcorn.
  3. People watching.
  4. Become a complete Disney Fangirl.
  5. Eat at "Sailing Day" Buffet
  6. Watch "Legend of Mythica"
  7. Stalk Pluto.
  8. Make special, personalised merchandise.
  9. Walk around DisneySea at night and enjoy the views.
  10. Ride Journey to the Centre of the Earth

So, what about you?


  1. Rides .. are fun in Disney Park and theme parks. But I am afraid of rides but this does not mean I cannot enjoy theme park visits. Of course I do. Just like you said 'eat from different locations'. I do the same. I love to experience food items of different special places.